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Let's talk about JaffO!

What is 35 years of age, unique to Ireland and just got a new look? Jaffo Juice, that's what!
Founded in Ireland in 1980 from a basement office on Heytesbury Street, Dublin 2, JaffO continues to produce quality juice for the masses. JaffO Juice contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and is available in five delicious flavours.
We've given our juice a brand new look and we think it looks dandy!



We use only the finest quality fruit in our juices. We deal with the best suppliers from all over the world to ensure our juice is top notch. No ifs or no buts.

Top quality


  For money  

We believe in fair and honest pricing. With our juice you can rest assured you get the best value for money. We squeeze every last drop into our juice!

Great value


  knows best  

Here at JaffO Juice we've been working together as a family for the past 35 years. We're free and independent to continue producing our juice our way.

Family run


  Born & Bred  

We are proud as punch to be an Irish brand. If history has taught us anything it's that you can't beat the Irish craic and that we craic loving Irish need to stick together.

We're Irish

Pick a flavour

Orange & Carrot

Our orange and carrot juice has it all; the refreshing taste of orange juice combined with the goodness of carrot juice: it sure packs a punch! It's less sweet than our pure orange juice and is a great way to start your day.

Blood Orange

Blood oranges possess a distinctive flavor compared to other oranges. This citrus variety is considered less acidic in taste than regular oranges and often contains overtones of berries such as raspberry or strawberry. Why not give it a try!


The original JaffO orange juice. Made with finest oranges from around the world and delicately blended to a smooth thirst quenching juice. We've been making our orange juice for over three decades now. Let's just say, we know a thing or two about orange juice.


Our cramberry juice is the real deal. Made with 25% pure cranberry juice, significantly more than most other juices out there that typically contain around 15% cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and salicylic acid.


How d'ya like them apples? Our apple juice is second to none; it's wonderfully sweet and packed full of flavour. We use only the finest apples in our juice and it really does taste just like the apples it was made from. Enjoy a Jaffo apple juice today!

Our story


From humble beginnings...

Ireland - The year is 1980 and the original JaffO Juice carton is first seen in our stores


A new look...

1986 sees our first rebrand as JaffO becomes a household name


A flavour of things to come...

It's 1990, apple and blackcurrent flavours are introduced as well as a new black look


A move with the times...

1995 sees a major change for us as JaffO becomes available in a new bottle


Pick a flavour, any flavour...

2002 and our full range in all it's glory


And here we are...

Now 35 years of age, this small family run, 100% Irish brand is stronger than ever!


latest news

JaffO Juice gets a new look!

Out with old in with the blue. It's finally here...our new look JaffO Juice is now available in stores throughout Ireland.

2 days ago
We roll in style

Check out our lovely JaffO Mini. Born in 1976, she's a whole year older than JaffO but looking just as fresh.

203 days ago
A closer look

Our little Mini wears her JaffO badges proudly. If you see her out and about, come and say hello!

203 days ago
What a weekend

Electric Picnic, you've done it again. No better way to kick start your day of festivities than an ice cold bottle of JaffO Juice.

404 days ago
Show some bottle

Thirsty? Try the new 5,000,000cl bottle of JaffO Juice!

448 days ago
Enough for everyone

The newest batch of JaffO Juice winding it's way to a store near you.

473 days ago

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We're proud to be Irish!
JaffO Juice, P.O. Box 12525, Dublin 4, Ireland

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